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. Many companies offer cash back on purchases, sometimes as much as the entire cost of the product. Obviously, rebates can save you a great deal of money. Although some rebates can be redeemed instantly at checkout, most require you to pay the full price of an item first and receive your cash back by mail. Each offer is different, but you’ll find the best ones here. Look for great deals on the products you need, and put your savings in your pocket! (You can
read more about rebates here).
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 Rebates Printable Coupon  Retailer: Linen's and Things
 Rebates Printable Coupon  Retailer: Lowes
 Rebates Printable Coupon  Retailer: Nextel
 Rebates Printable Coupon  Retailer: Office Depot
 Rebates Printable Coupon  Retailer: OfficeMax
 Rebates Printable Coupon  Retailer: PC Mall
 Rebates Printable Coupon  Retailer: PetCo
Expires: Dec 31, 2006
 Rebates Printable Coupon  Retailer: RadioShack
 Rebates Printable Coupon  Retailer: RiteAid Pharmacy
 Rebates Printable Coupon  Retailer: Sprint

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