Dr. Alexander S. Potupa - Biography

Born: March 21, 1945 in Sevastopol, Russia. Lived and studied in Eysk, Russia. Master of Chess. Has been living in Minsk, Belarus since 1961.

In 1967 Graduated from Moscow State University with MS in Nuclear Physics, Quantum Field Theory. 1970 - Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics & Mathematics. Has around 50 publications and 30 appearances on international and national conferences in the area of nuclear physics, high energy physics, cosmology, electrodynamics. Performed research work at Physics Institute and Belarussian State University.

1989-1996 - President /Founder of Publishing & Printing Company "Eridan", 1st Private publishing & printing company in Belarus. Eridan, 1st in Belarus, won an award - Torch of Birmingham.

Since 1992 - president of Future Studies Center (forecast and social research). Has performed over 15 complex expert social polls. Has published over 100 publications and articles. Has over 60 appearances on international and national conferences in the area of forecasting, sociology, political science, economics, and law.

1995 - Ph.D. in Philosophy & Futurology (strategic forecasting and informational technology). Professor.

President of Center for Future Studies (1992-present);
Vice-President of Belarussian Union of Entrepreneurs (1994-present)

Professional and Other Memberships:
- IAIPT (International Academy of Information Process & Technology),
- IALBA (International Academy of Leaders in Business & Administration),
- NYAS (New York Academy of Science),
- IISEPS (Independent Institute of Socio-Economic & Political Studies),
- WFS (World Future Society), membership
- AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science),
- BATT (Belarussian Association of Think Tanks),
- IPC (International Pen Club),
- BAJ (Belarussian Association of Journalists),š
- ADNGOB (Assembly of Democratic Non-Governmental Organizations of Belarus)
- Chairman of the BHRC (Belarussian Human Rights Convention) ,
- Chairman of the Belarussian Helsinki-XXI,
- Coordinating Council of BEAA (Belarusian Euro-Atlantic Association).

Science publications & books (nuclear physics, cosmology, science history, forecasting):
- "Idealized Measuring Procedures in Quantum Theory" (1970);
- "Running to Infinity" (1977);
- "Fantakrim - XXI" (1989);
- "Discovery of Universe - Past, Present, Future" (1991);
- 5 more books
- more than 200 articles

Professional Activities: researcher & lecturer in future studies

Specializations: strategic forecasting, globalization, futurogenic causality, models for Belarus & CIS development, sociology, cosmology, strategy for science.

- recipient Torch of Birmingham (1995); see award
- International Man of Year (Cambridge, England, 1998); see award
- Best Analytical Material of the Year (BAJ, Minsk, Belarus, 1999); see award
- Outstanding People of 20th Century (Cambridge, England, 1999); see award

- Who's Who in Science and Engineering (Marquis Who's Who, 4-th Ed.);
- Who's Who in the Worldš (Marquis Who's Who, 17-th Ed. 2000);
- Five Thousand Personalities in the World (American Biographical Institute, 6-th Ed.);
- The International Directory of Distinguished Leadership (ABI; 8-th Ed.);
- Dictionary of International Biography (International Biographical Centre Cambridge, 26-th Ed.);
- International Who's Who of Intellectuals (IBC Cambridge, 13-th Ed.);
- Outstanding People of the 20th Century (IBC Cambridge, 1999);
- The Futurist Directory (WFS, Millennium Edition, 1999);
- Who's Who in Belarus (Institute of Human Rights, Moscow, 1999);
- Who's Who in Belarussian Science (MAIT, 2001);
Encyclopedia of Science Fiction & Fantasy (Minsk, Galaxies, 1995)
- married, 2 kids
- wife (Lubov N. Potupa, 1955, manager)
- daughter (Elena A. Potupa, 1975, JD International Law, BS Physics, MBA International Business, business manager, New York, USA)
- son (Andrei A. Potupa, 1976, JD International Law, journalist, New York, USA)

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